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Highway to Spiritual Reconstruction by Dr. Diana Moye-Mitchell

Have you ever seen a street, road or highway under construction, and there appeared to be nothing in need of repair? Well, as I left out of the front door of my home, for my routine walk through the neighborhood, I was surprised to see trucks and construction workers working on my street. I was baffled over the sudden need of repairs, and the scene of the workers removing asphalt from my street.  From what my natural eye could see, nothing appeared to be wrong with the street.  There were no existing cracks, potholes, or problem areas.  As I stared in shock over the machines being used to remove gravel, I noticed that only portions of the street were being repaired.  The designated areas for repair had rectangular patches on the road where asphalt was being removed, recycled, and repaved.  After the shock set in over what was happening to my street, I decided to seek answers for why all of the sudden construction.  A worker informed me that the Department of Transportation for the coun
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